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2 Medina companies bid on running the county's trash recycling facility

Miller, The Plain Dealer

MEDINA, Ohio The Medina County Sanitary Engineer and a consultant are studying two bids from local companies seeking to operate the county's recycling center for at least seven years.

Envision Waste Services, the current and sole operator for the last 21 years, and Vexor Technology, on W. Smith Road in Medina since 1999, say their plans comply with the county mandate to increase the amount "Oxandrolone Powder India" of waste being Testosterone Enanthate Dosage Bodybuilding recycled and diverted from a landfill.

Envision CEO Steve Viny said his strategy "will upgrade the technology at the center, improve efficiency and reduce costs for Medina County taxpayers."

The proposed upgrades include installing equipment that Buy Cheap Jintropin Online uses infrared technology "Oxandrolone Powder India" to improve sorting efficiency and recycling ability, Viny said.

While Envision would spend about $1 million on the upgrade, Vexor proposes a complete renovation of the facility that would cost $11.5 million, Vexor president Steven Berry said.

"Think of it this way. Not many people are driving a 20 year old car, because there comes a point when it no longer makes sense to keep replacing parts," Berry said. "We would remove all of the antiquated equipment and install state of the art technology that would capture more than 40 percent of the recyclables. Currently, the facility is extracting at just 17 percent."

Vexor processes and recycles industrial by products, turning some of Sustanon 250 Precio En Usa them into an alternative fuel. The company has taken some of the recycling plant's pulverized 4-chlorodehydromethyltestosteron trash over the last few years and turned it into a fuel product. It would continue to do so under its proposal to operate the facility, Berry said.

The county's specifications for the bidders also required them to propose a strategy for handling glass bottles, since the county recently eliminated its igloos for collecting sorted glass bottles directly from residents. The cost of the program was expected to exceed Testosterone Propionate 2 Week Cycle revenue this year, while tons of glass was landing at the recycling center, which is not equipped to extract it from the waste.

Berry said Vexor would bring the igloos back and partner with Rumpke Recycling Services to send the glass to fiberglass, glass bead and glass block manufacturers. Viny declined to discuss Envision's plan for glass bottles.

Envision's plan would cost the county $49.70 per ton of trash for five years, then $56.33 a ton for the next five years. Under the Vexor plan, the county would pay $54.12 a ton initially, $59.53 through 2025 and $74.01 from 2030 through 2034. 224 in Westfield Township. Haulers currently pay $61.48 a ton, which is known as the "tipping fee."

The winning "lowest and best" bid will be chosen by the Medina County commissioners based on the lowest per ton price and the best qualifications, reliability, financial responsibility and "how likely the bidder is to hit their targeted recycling rates," Sanitary Engineer Amy Lyon Galvin said. (See all of the "Buy Cheap Jintropin Online" details in the bid specifications below.)

The winner will be announced before the end of October and the new contract will take affect Jan. 12.

A third company, The Optiva Group, in North Royalton, also submitted a bid, but it will be rejected as "it does not meet the spirit of what the proposals were to consist of," Lyon Galvin said.

Five other companies picked up bid packets but didn't submit proposals. One of those companies, based in Pittsburgh, criticized the quality of the recyclables pulled from the county's facility.

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